Create Fishing Photos

Create Your Own Fishing Photos With Any Photo.

Have you spent hours trying to catch that elusive fish? Friends/Family saying you are wasting your time? We now have the solution - FishingCam.

Use FishingCam to produce hilarious photos of you or your friends with the “Catch of Your Life”. Simply select a Fish, take a photo or use an existing saved photo and use the editing tools to create realistic photos. The finished image can then be Saved, Emailed or uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. You can even add your image to the FishingCam Photo Gallery.

About Fishing Cam

Having spent many hours failing to catch that dream fish that you know is in the lake, it is time to go home with your tail between your legs. Can you face the ridicule of friends and family, saying you are wasting your time as you never catch much anyway?

By using this easy to use app, never again will you have to go home with a Fisherman’s tale. Simply select one of the fish from either the Coarse Fishing or Sea Fishing section. You can then either use a photo from your library or take a new one. Once the image has been selected, the fish image can be moved, resized or rotated to create the perfect catch. When you are happy with this, you can edit the photo to ‘rub out’ the bits of fish where the hands are etc. This creates a more realistic image.

Finally, you can save the finished image to your library and can then email it to your friends and family. There are even options to upload it to your Facebook or Twitter account.